Tile – Choosing a clean bright tile and tiling the whole wall is a great way to dramatically improve the look of a small bathroom space.

Use a Large Mirror – A large wall to wall mirror will help open up the space especially if there is not a window in the bathroom that lets in natural light.

Lighting – Make sure to use plenty of light to brighten the room. Overhead recessed lighting or a beautiful up above designer light can add some punch. You can also add an extra light by the sink and mirror to add some contrast lighting.

Shelving – Adding a floating shelf for essentials gives you additional space for washcloths, tissues or other items without cluttering your countertops. Even a strategically placed corner shelf in the main bath area is a great idea.

Frameless, Clear Glass Shower Doors – A shower curtain or an obscured glass shower door can significantly shrink the look of a bathroom. Also, if there is a window in the shower that will block a great source of natural light.

Color – A light bright color is best for your everyday bath. You can add style by adding a dramatic accent tile boarder or tile flooring. For a half bath you can go with a dramatic dark color scheme.

Shower Niche – Built into the wall a shower niche is a great place to store shampoo and soap. Using the same tile in the niche can make it blend in or you can make the niche pop with a contrasting tile selection. Make sure your niche is tall enough to accommodate the large bottles used for hair care products these days.

Skylight – Installing a skylight will make the space feel bigger and fill the room with natural light.

A Pocket or Barn Door – A sliding door is a tremendous space saver.

Patterson Home Improvement can help you remodel your bathroom or totally redesign the space to improve the functionality. A bathroom remodel has an excellent return on investment and will most certainly help when you decide to sell your home down the road. On time and on budget, Patterson Home Improvement uses quality materials and skilled craftsmen to get the job done.