The timeless white is on its way out and instead adding a pop of color on lower cabinets is the newest trend.

Cabinets – Mixing white upper cabinets with colored lower cabinets is the latest trend. Minimal hardware or touch release cabinet doors give your kitchen a clean look.

Countertops – Quartz countertops is surpassing granite as the material of choice for kitchen countertops. Quartz is not porous like granite, so it is easier to keep clean. It is also harder than granite. One downside is quartz countertops can be damaged by excessive heat, so make sure to always use a heating pad with quartz. Quartz countertops are made by grinding up natural quartz crystals and fusing them d together with resin under intense heat and pressure. Pigments are added to provide a wide variety of color. Polished concrete countertops are a trend, but you can purchase quartz countertops that look like polished concrete. Unlike real polished concrete countertops quartz countertops do not stain, are more durable and do not require resealing. Waterfall edges is a design feature where the countertop makes a 90-degree angle at the end of the counter and the countertop material continues down the side of the cabinet to the floor.

Backsplashes – A solid slab backsplash that matches the countertop is the hot trend. This provides a clean look with minimal grout lines. Another trend is a textured backsplash that provides depth.

Faucets and Hardware – The jewelry of the kitchen. Metallic art inspired faucets are the trend. Adding a touchless faucet is a popular option. Touchless faucets have been especially in demand fueled by homeowners looking to prevent the spread of germs in the home. Many prefer a pull down faucet that helps with the functionality of your faucet. These days a magnetic docking system keeps the spray nozzle head firmly secured to the faucet. Professional or restaurant style tall faucets are also hot and are available is a large variety of finishes. Cabinet hardware is trending toward minimalist and functional. Square bar pulls with a matte finish is a current look.

Island – The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. A large, beautiful island is a great place for everyone to gather. Multi-level islands are becoming a trend that provides additional seating space. If you have the space a double island makes a spectacular statement. Islands provide great additional workspace and storage, which is critical in a busy kitchen.

Updating your Kitchen Window – A new window will enhance the view of the outside and will brighten up a kitchen.

Lighting – Depending on the style of your kitchen vintage or ultra-modern lighting are the trends. Vintage style bulbs are found in modern LED lighting, which burn cooler and save energy. Under cabinet high tech reflective task lighting and pendants work well in a modern kitchen design.

There are a surprising number of design choices that need to be made when remodeling or redesigning your kitchen. Provide your contractor with inspirational photos so you will be on the same page to achieve the kitchen of your dream.

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